R.I.P to everybody who didn’t make it to Christmas this year. Reblog if you care, or lost somebody.

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hey guys, its kate, anyone remember me? 

friedrice asked:
i miss you colten..we all do. rest in peace. we'll see you some day.
I cried so hard after what I heard happened. I remember when you first made an anon and your username was yourbiebah and i was yourdemidevonneanon. We talked here and there ever since then and you were such a fucking sweetheart. No matter what, you always put a smile on my face and I thankyou for that. You will not be forgotten. Rest in peace, baby.
I love and miss you. I need you so much. Every day get harder, everyday i have to drag myself around and fake smiles and force laughter. Come back, please, i know you can't but God.. i just wish you could. I have no one to talk to. Me and megan are ttogether, and so when something happens i have no one to talk to about it. Of course i have that kid you don't like.. but its not the same. I need YOU. Why couldn't ir have been me, not you. Come back to me, like you would if you if you could..
RIP. I never got a chance to know you but I know I missed out on an awesome person. (:

Colten Michael Williams was put to rest Sunday, August 12th, 2012.

I miss you so much Colten. I know you’re still here..in our hearts. 

I love you.


I don't know if i'm late or idk but i never knew colten passed away so i was going on his blog to tell him i missed him because well yeah i miss the nigger but it hurt me, really hurt me to read all the stuff on his blog and to realize that he's gone and even tho i miss him i cant do anything about it because he's gone now. i just really wish i got to talk to him more, that would have made me happy.RIP colten man i love you.-Batman